Writing Midwife

“Writing belongs to the arts of healing. And Helen is a healer. A storyteller, a published author, a respected teacher, a shapeshifter, an LGBQTIA activist, a feminist, my teacher and my dear friend. In her sessions your sentence structure will always be corrected. But more importantly, Helen will guide you through the nitty gritty, to the soul of your story and its characters, and I promise you, a beautiful tale will be written and healing will happen along the way.” – Allison Cross

It is a privilege to witness other writers in the deep process of bringing their story into the world. To help them listen to the heartbeat/s of their characters, the landscape of their stories, and of the story itself. To find its rhythm. To touch its textures. To hear and feel what it is the story wants to say. Together, we will find what matters and shape it into the story emerging from your psyche, from the worlds inside that are speaking to you.

For more information, or to have a conversation about your project, please write to me at helenklonaris@gmail.com.