“Without a common language, without shared stories, without deep vision of the real nature of the world,

there is no culture and so no community and so no power or possibility. 

Therefore, we are called to step out of conquest and the mind of conquest. 

Step out of oppression, out of actions against the earth. 

We are called to reimagine and revision language and literature as dynamic ecotones, and ecosystems supporting all life.

Restore, revision and piece together the broken, burned shards of once vital histories,

dare to know what we know, to see and understand with our hands and feet what is irrefutable,

to listen to the ancestors and the future, to the dreams and the signs,

old syllables and unborn orations, birdsong, whale song and howl,

the glorious and tormented recitations of wind, water, light and earth,

to bring together a luminous grammar of connection

so that through such shared conversations and our own emergent literature and culture,

we make ourselves places to live that can survive these times.”

– Deena Metzger